26 September 2021

Assembling Smaug


The resin printer cabinet got some more work done on it yesterday, added in a centre flange to cover the join when the doors are closed and also some internal flanges along the sides behind each of the hinges to block any major light leaks. I've still got some clearance at the bottom so I can remove the spill tray should I have any disasters. Also bolted on the handles to the cover now that I'm happy with the setup as the valcro just wasn't cutting it.

I finally got around to start working on the Smaug print and putting him together. I discovered how much the print was out. That is the parts not fitting together and were well out. Which will be my printing settings and the expansion of the resin, something I hadn’t counted on. (I’ll need to learn more about that in the future)

So I got the good old Dremel out and found some sanding stone bits for it from the kit I had been given and tested them out on a block of resin I had kept from earlier mistakes. Once I had the right bits, I cleaned up the connection points on the model with some effort. Not having much experience with resin and sanding I took my time so not to break anything (including me). I discovered that it's a dusty process and a quick alteration to my spray booth cabinet had the dust going outside instantly. I just stappled up an old towel over the front of the spray booth with a slit up the middle so I could see and work. This was enough to create much better vacuum inside the box and I could see the dust rising off the model as I grinded it back.  Full breathing mask was mandatory of course, with resin dust you can’t be ignorant. So super stoked with the spay booth. All the effort I had gone to install the LED’s has really paid off. So, I’ve now got a sanding booth and spray booth.

With the joints in the model now a little out after the sanding, I’ll have to fill them in with green stuff and make a few alterations to the base to make it work. (All part of the fun)

This evening I’m trying out a resin mix of the last bit of green resin with some clear resin. It will be my first resin cocktail. I dont expect any issues as they are both from Anycubic standard resin range. More cyberpunks for Necromania, 6 models and a motorbike all at once.

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