22 September 2021

The Big Test

 With the intake fan done and working, plus with the other parts a few weeks away I decided to setup the new printer cabinet and test it out in its current state. So with a hand from the wife we put it up on the workbench (gotta look after the old back these days)  where it will live. I cabled in the printer power and set up the resin printer. It was leveled perfectly ... share fluke on that part. 

Once the printer was in, I really showed that I need the interior LED's setup for sure, as the cabinet really cuts down the light even with both doors fully open. Of course that's one of the functions and reasons for the cabinet. Working space inside the cabinet is perfect, not to small and not to large to interfere with the aircon unit on the wall above the cabinet. 

Anycubic Photon Mono X and cabinet

I'm currently using an old servicing tray under the printer for drips and spill protection. I've used it for years for undercoating mini's. I'm sure its doubled in thickness with all the overspay in the 10 odd years I've been using it. I'll have to get around to getting something a little more cleanable once we are out of lockdown and shops are open once again.

I've started on my clear bottle of Anycubic basic resin using the same settings as what I used on the clear green resin. And attempting to print these lovely girls to add to my Necromunda gang.
Hopfully the settigns arent to differnet... still got a lot to learn about the settings for the differnet resins.
Necromunda Escher Gang 3d printed models

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