19 September 2021

Resin Printer fume box / cabinet

 Today I continued work on the fume box / cabinet for my resin printer. I mounted the magnets for the doors first and completed sealing up the joins with PVA, then proceeded to sand everything down nice and smooth. I plan too, at some point once we are out of lockdown to get some varnish for the whole box, but for now it will just be naked plywood. I then designed up a mount for the two 40mm fans for the intake vent and printed that off. A bit of mucking around and a bit of sanding and I had it all mounted, although it isn't level, but that doesn't matter to much. (My jigsaw technique needs improving)  Mounted the interior hood for air flow direction and the exterior vent cover, then tested it all.

Also added the door knobs I printed overnight.

Discovered that the exterior vent really generates noise, so I'll have to have a play around with some other designs and see what suits the setup best.

Now I'm onto designing the switch box for the fans and LED lights.

I also created a little cover for the power cable hole, which will print over night. Once I cable up the interior of the box and run the main power lead out of the box, this will screw in over it to hold it in place and reduce most of the air escaping out around the cable. I'll cut up a rubber washer and clip that over the power cable on the outside with should seal it up nicely.

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