24 November 2013

Ardmore – 75 Years of Harvard’s

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day and a relatively pain free back, so decided to join the guys at the Ardmore 75 Years of Harvard's air show. I found an old fold up three leg stool, so thought at least I should be able to manage half the day at the show, and bail out early if my back decided to give me grief. A combination of pain killers and the stool saw me get though the whole day. (That little stool is now going to be in my standard kit, small and light enough not to be a pain)

By the time I drove over to Ardmore from the west coast, my clear skies at home turned into some low cloud, which looked like it was going to burn off quickly (which it did). I made for some nice light to photograph the planes in the morning. I shot quite a few photos so sorting thought them takes a bit of time, so I’ll post the main shots of the Harvard's, Strike Master and Spitfire etc, tomorrow.

The first few shots here are just a couple from walking around the grounds before the air show kicked off, the Mustang cars parked up nicely in front of the P51.

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-021 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-023 

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-680 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-029

The M.A.S.H. helicopter was running all day doing small trips around the back half of Ardmore. I saw several very happy kids coming back from the their flights.

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-721-Edit  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1579 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1636

Now this looks like it would be fun, although only on a sunny day like today.

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-468 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-473 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-575 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-597 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-607 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-626


Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-079 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-084 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-483 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-495 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-517 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-523 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-526 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-546 

The ground attack re-enactment at the end of the day was was really good, with the Spitfire and the P40 in the air along with 9 Harvard's (that's what Will counted anyway). I converted them to black and whites again, except a couple which lose there impact when turned into black and whites.

I caught the muzzle flash in one shot, and yes it was one out of over 100 shots I rattled off trying to capture the flash. (I was surprised I actually got it)

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1689-Edit-2 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1708Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1571-Edit-Edit Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1572-Edit-Edit   Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1725 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1732

As the troops advance and engaged each other, the aircraft bombardment starts with strafing runs from overhead, smoke and explosions going on all the time. I also got a few brass cases and shells flying around in some of the shots.

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1777 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1809 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1829-Edit-Edit  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1870 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1888

The folks doing the re-enactment really do put on a good show, along with the pilots and there planes of course. So hats off to them all for a great day.



Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1929 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1942 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1959 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1987  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-2062 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-2069


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  1. Hi Robert, Great shots. Im pretty sure I was a few meters to the left of you on Sunday, you took off your shirt displaying a huge tat on the back.
    Your pics on the Wings over New Zealand Aviation Forum and also very nice, I have posted a few there recently also under mgriffin but no to your standard.
    Any way just a shout as you have a great photographic style here.
    Mark Griffin