16 November 2013

Tiger 1

Last weekend at the Camberidge Armistice show we saw a bunch of remote contol tanks which really peaked my interest. Ive always loved remote control things, but having seen and heard some real disasters that can happen with remote control planes I thought a tank would be more my style (less likely to destroy it in minutes) . Add to that you can now get IR battle systems for them. Thats an infrared system that stalls or shutdowns the other tanks when you get a hit. So with a couple of tanks you can actuall have full on battles.

So with all the metal minis sitting on my table wanting paint applied, I  decided not to add to the pile, but rather start another differnet kind of pile, yep, i went and got myself an RC tank. Now of course like most things you can spend a small amount or a god damn fortune on these things as i found out.

I opted for the cheaper end of things to start with, going with a local shop that had some in stock. So I could  go in and see what I was getting. Now of couse my luck meant they didnt have any of the Russian tanks I wanted. So I went for the German Tiger 1 by Henglong. Thought it would be fun to paint up and at $170 wasnt to crazy to get me started. It doesnt have the IR system, but does have an upgrade option availablel ... (Christmas present hint) 

Now after scarying the fur of the cat and playing around with the Tiger out of the box for a day or two, I dismantled it for painting. So far ive done the primer and the first base coat. At 1/16th scale its rather large compaired to what Im use to painting. .... Gotta love my air brush. Lots more work to go.

Heres what it looked like out of the box, pretty plane and borring.

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