21 November 2013

Tiger 1 : Part IV

Ok this is part ... Who the hell cares ... Of my RC Tiger paint job. LOL...

Yes the pain meds and scotch mix are working well... Put my back out yesterday... Oh joy... Not

After a gloss varnish, Ive put the decals on and my first load of brown wash from A.K. Products. This is only the second model ive used the A.K. Products on,  so Im still getting use to them. (dont think ill ever get use to the smell of them). Just waiting from them to dry before I clean up the over done bits with turps. I must say being able to go back and easliy clean up mistakes is awesome, down side is the smell of oil based paints and turps. 

Now I'm really looking foward to getting into some of the rust and grime A.K. Products and making this  beasty look like a well abused tank.