28 November 2013

Christmas drool list

So what on your Christmas drool list this year,
Well my, “I've got all the money in the world list” starts of course with the mighty 800mm Canon lens, followed my more camera gear.
clip_image001 clip_image002
Then the wife slaps me and I come back to reality
So to my more likely to get list starting with more expansions for the LCG Call a Cthulhu and Net Runner. I've really been enjoying both games , mainly playing my wife and losing more that I win. But that beats the crap they seem to be trying to pass off as T.V. shows at the moment.
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Some more RC Tank Toy goodness is high on my list, planning on getting a couple of tanks setup with the infrared battle system so we can have some larger scale battles, move of the table top and onto the driveway and backyards.
As for miniatures, there has to be the Girls with swords, I mean who can go past that ... or the new Nurse's since we have started playing Malifux again. Going on what I’ve seen of the new plastic series these sculpts will be fantastic, if not insanely hard to put together, but that’s half the fun.
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There are also some good reports on a few new book out that I’m keen to read, by Cherie Priest
Fiddlehead and The Inexplicables are two I haven't gotten to yet.
The steam punk theme is a favourite and the audio books of the series so far have been awesome.
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Then there is the never ending stack of possible board games, miniatures and additions to all the other games I play, oh yeah and of course I cant forget the liquid of life …. Scotch , there is always room for more scotch in my life.  Roll on Christmas I say.
Now the other thing I’m currently trying to get working is the lighbox feature of blogger working with Live Writer which I use to do my posts. So here's a monkey test #2
2013-09-09 Komodo Day 2 - Rob 111 .Macaque Monkeys at Kelimutu - Flores Island