11 November 2013

Armistice 2013

So the lad’s and I went down to Cambridge this past weekend for Armistice, Celebrating New Zealand’s military heritage. A very early start on Saturday morning saw me picking up the boys and heading down south for about a 3 hour drive from my place.

A cool and very overcast day turned into a sun burning 24 degrees afternoon. We got there just as the gates opened and spent the day wandering, watching and shooting loads of photos.

That evening we crashed at my mum’s place, all of 6 minutes away from the venue. First stop was the supermarket for beer and food, then we hit the swimming pool to cool off. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday as far as the weather, which we were all thankfully of. There would be a few sun burnt people around  come Sunday night, that’s for sure.

The whole weekend was awesome, not to many people to over crowd the place, but still a very good crowd. A great mix of different things to do and see, meant the time just flew past. I managed to click off just over 3000 shots on the camera. So many trying to catch those gun flashes and shells in mid air, not to mention all the shots of the Kitttyhawk and P-51D Mustang as the speed past.

Here's a link to the Armistice web page for those who are interested

So here's a selection from the re-enactments, I converted a bunch into B/W which really made them come alive and look alot more real. They aren't in any particular order, just cut from the better one from the whole weekend.

Damn those Nazi Zombies they just don't die

Then of course there was the RC tanks, so very cool, I may have to go get one for myself. We didn't end up having a go with them. But spent a bit of time talking to the guy that owned them. Who can go past a KV-1?

Then there were the aircraft displays, a big favourite for sure.

Kittyhawk with vapour trail from the prop.
 I'll post a bunch more tomorrow once I get through sorting them and as usual Will has posted a bunch and has done a great job of the descriptions. http://willsramblingsnz.blogspot.co.nz

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