23 November 2013

Pulp Action

Way back in Issue 57 of War Games Soldier & Strategy magazine, they published some revised rules  based of LOTOW (Legends of the Old West) for some Pulp Action, or what I like to call the Mob Wars. So back in April/May I talked the boys into getting a gang each, which wasn't hard, as the model count of 8-15, normally most gangs are around 10 models, so makes it a cheap game, and we have several copies of the LOTOW rules, along with the WSS magazine rules. I was also keen to get some terrain so was happy to front up for that since the guys had the Wild West and Sci-fi genre covered for terrain. I got myself some buildings from Sarissa Precision and various miniatures which I’ve been slowly painting up. With the buildings all done, just a few more details here and there and my core guys & gals all painted up, I’m ready to start planning out a few games with the guys.


So my Mob consists of 9 models coming in smack on the $200 starting cost that we all get to spend.

Big Blue (Boss $37)                   Cane Sword (knife) & .38 Revolver

Mrs Purple (Kid $23)                 .38 Revolver & Knife

Mr Purple (Hit Man $30)             Pump Action Shotgun          

Mr Green (Hit Man $27)             .45 Pistol

Henchmen (Mobsters $14 x4)    .38 Revolver & Knife

Henchmen (Mobsters $23)         Pump Action Shotgun

Now of course there just has to be cars in any good mob scene, which I’ve gone and got a few matchbox cars that fit the scene really well and cost bugger all. The scale is close enough, and that fact that they are ready to go out of the box makes the price even better. So I think I’ll start all the gangs with a car each to make things a bit more fun.  

I’ve got a few scenario ideas as well, all based on some of the extra terrain I now have, which just needs a bit of fleshing out, like “Power Grid”. Where the mobsters have taken over the power plant and are using it for hiding there bootleg liquor and the Cops have to go in and find the stash. There is also an idea on the tradition bank job, but have a variable twist, where things like the attacking gang have an undercover cop in there midst's and he flips sides if certain things happens during the game, or payoff’s where a cop flips sides, or something along the lines of pretends he has a gun jam instead of shooting at the Boss.

So many ideas so little time.