02 November 2013

Best of both Worlds.

Well i gave up on a new blog theme, for now anyway, things werent working for me as i wanted, so i gave up before i boke it.

Tonight I played a game of Elder Signs with my wife including the expansion for the first time.

The expansion really changes the play style of the game, with the no ability to buy Elder signs, you are forced to play adventure cards for them. The game didnt turn up many dice lock cards which takes away dice from your dice pool, so the game seemed a little easy,... Well as easy as Elder Signs ever gets... Which is never...so we won the game in the end. 

The Cursed and Blessed dice also added a nice change into the game. 

I also cracked into a new bottle of scotch last night, so got to enjoy the best of two worlds, Scotch and gaming. Life if good.