15 November 2013

Armistice 2013 : part 2

So as usual work gets in the way of fun, so finally got around to putting up these pictures from last weekend. This first one was an impressive suit or armour on display in the main hall with all the vendors selling there wears.


 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-050 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-054

Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-085 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-093 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-093-2 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-099

The guys were sure having fun ripping up the paddock.

Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-958 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-157Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-977Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-969Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-133 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-150 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-199

The Roman and Viking clashes


Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-166  Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-910


This sequence was spectacular to watch, the back and forth of battle was extremely well done.


Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-925 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-927 

     Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-1279 Armistice-in-Cambridge-2013-1340

If you look closely at his shot you can see the arrow coming in at the shield wall.