26 November 2013

More Planes

Ardmore – 75 Years of Harvard’s

Here’s a bunch of the shots I took of the Strike Master and L-39 at Ardmore on the weekend.

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-756 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1396Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-779 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-933 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1065 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1113 

Love seeing these guys in the air, makes me want to go for a ride in one..
(best I go buy a lotto ticket)

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1130 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1153 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1205 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1245     Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1374 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1385  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1470

Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1401  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1426 Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1427  Ardmore---75-Years-of-Harvards-1490

Will has posted a bunch of photos up on his blog as well from the day.


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